Riders can expect 4 to 6 stages of timed runs. These will be mostly downhill, but there may be flats or small uphills in the course. Riders will start at defined intervals.

After each stage, there will be an uphill transfer riding section to get to the next timed segment. These will be ridden but not timed.

At the end of the event, each riders time for each stage will be added together and scored for lowest time.


This is racing as you might actually ride, riding a bike actually meant for rock drops and going fast. Fat tires and lots of suspension tame any trail but have been a disadvantage in XC racing because of their weight.

Too big a bike and you can't ride back up the hill, this is why Enduro is not just another downhill event, this is for the mountain bike purists that ride that bike back up the hill. This is pure unadulterated mountain biking, not cut down with road biking in any way.

This is all about speed out on the trail, some but not all gravity fed, but all pedaling and fast. We will have a lunch checkpoint in between stages, these events are to be about going fast and having fun. You have to have enough left to gas it on the last stage, but suffering is not in the description- this is all about fun!

Join in on the action and discussion over at the WV Enduro Facebook page.

Yes indeed, things are happening!


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